Australian premiere of a photographic journey to the remote and vast land of the Huarpes, first people of the north-west Patagonian Region in today’s Argentina.

Ventana Arte

February 18 – April 13

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Capilla de Nuestra Señora del Rosario de Las Lagunas (Lavalle)



 The Huarpes or Warpes are an indigenous Cuyo people in Argentina whose Mixogenized descendants are grouped mainly around the semidetacted lagoons of Guanacache.

Mixogenized descendants 

 Their native languages were the allentiac and the millcayac (see huarpes languages), of which few data are preserved

Cuyo people 

 Huarpe, inhabited an area bounded on the west by the Andes and on the east by the Pampas, in the present-day province of MendozaArgentina.


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